IP to Company mapping for your ABM and Cyber Security projects


You will not see us reselling other providers years old repackaged data or mapping company name to a residential IP range. Our Networking Fundamentals as Platform approach compiles data only from original sources and with full audit log.

Global Coverage

Internet is global and a we are too. While our North America data is market leading, we are head and shoulders above others in EU and the only provider with a full global coverage. Don't take our word for it, run a test to see for yourself.


We have integrated with Orb Intelligence for the top of the line premium firmographics instead of offering a second rate solution as most of our competitors do. This allows for a complete company digital footprint discovery through Orb’s company hierarchy data.

IP to Company Dataset

MadObjective's IP to Company dataset allows you to translate IPv4 addresses to companies, appended with key firmographic data including:
  • IP Range (CIDR)
  • Company Name
  • Domain
  • Orb Number
  • Industry
  • Entity Type
  • NAICS Code/Description
  • SIC Code/Description
  • Revenue Range
  • Employee Range
  • IP Geo-Location
  • Mobile Flag
  • ISP Flag


We provide a cost-efficient ABM-oriented attribution pixel which allows you to identify anonymous website traffic and convert website visits into actions.
Identifying website traffic accurately will allow you to understand the visitor profile and identify which campaigns and content are attracting targeted accounts.
View and download reports on our site or use Reporting API for the full automation and integration into your data pipelines.

Site License

We understand that most projects require access to a full dataset (ML, Analytics, Data pipelines, Prediction, etc), for this reason we are the only vendor on the market offering Site License.
Another MadObjective exclusive is stateless Docker image, providing 20K QPS on a medium-sized server.

Unlimited RESTfull API
Downloadable CSV
On-premise low latency service

IP to Company Dataset Features

Data Sources

Few hundred public and private data sources are integrated into each release, providing maximum global coverage. Cross referencing with government filings assures accuracy.

Domain Validation

Each domain is validated for domain parking, referrer spam and reported malicious content - reducing the amount of false-positive records in our dataset.

Company Hierarchy

We provide entries as IP Ranges (or CIDRs). An absolute must have if you plan to target by headquarters and below or need parent company/provider info.

Service Providers

Identifying Internet, Hosting and IT providers is crucial for an accurate and compete IP Dataset. We use NLP and ML along with network engineering skills to find and unmask them.

Company Matching

We don't simply insert names and domains collected from the web into our dataset. They all go thru comprehensive legal entity matching process and get annotated with corresponding Orb Number.

Partner Data

We match billions of browser page view events from our partners to our ip ranges. This allows us to focus our mapping efforts on high value ranges and find errors quickly.